Custom Holiday Creations


Custom Holiday Creations works with both residential and commercial clients.  We offer professional design, installation, maintenance, and removal.

Here is how the process works:

The first step in designing your Holiday decorating theme is to learn what it is you are looking to create. Whether you are a commercial property or residential property, we need to go over your vision, ideas, and concepts. Being that every property and every home is so unique in its architecture and landscape design we will need to meet to conduct an initial survey of your property. From there we can begin to build your design proposal. Remember all of our proposals are always at no cost to you.

At Custom Holiday Creations, we strive to provide that holiday experience that has your neighbors ask about your lighting display.  Our talented team has spent years in the industry by working hard to create a unique vision.

After we inspect your property we will construct a detailed design proposal that provides a visual idea of your lighting concept, costs and electrical needs.

Once you have received your proposal, we will meet and answer any additional questions and set up an installation time.. 

A Professional Installation is the most important factor that determines how well your vision is portrayed in lights.

Each and every installation is important to us from the initial start of the installation through the removal of everything after the holidays are done.


Why Choose Custom Holiday Creations?

Free Maintenance & Service – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Custom Holiday Creations understands that your lighting is up for a short period of time and that any issues need to be addressed within 24 hours. Our service team of qualified technicians are dispatched immediately once a problem is reported

Free Custom Design Proposals – From simple to extreme our designers are able to put together some of the most detailed proposals FREE OF CHARGE.

Early Season Discounts – Custom Holiday Creations offers a 10% discount if we can install your display prior to November 5th. 

Professional Installation – A Professional Installation is the most important factor that determines how well your vision is portrayed in lights. Custom Holiday Creations combines quality installation techniques with the best outdoor lighting products on the market to ensure you have a seamless installation.

Prompt Removal – We begin removal on January 2nd.  Feel free to give us a call if you prefer an alternative removal time.